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Letrozole is the main active substance in the most popular brand for this substance – Femara, however, Letrozole can be found being sold as numerous other brands as well. This is an orally active medication that is classified as an Anti-Estrogen and most specifically as an Aromatase Inhibitor (AIs). In fact, this is considered by far the most powerful AI that you can find.

Other popular AIs include Arimidex (Anastrozole) and Aromasin (Exemestane).

Nonetheless, Femara (Letrozole) is considered the most powerful one.


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That’s why it is often used as an emergency compound when estrogen gets out of control.

In medical settings, Letrozole is FDA approved for the treatment of hormonally positive breast cancer after surgery, mostly used in post menopausal women. This is the main and most popular use of Letrozole, but it has some off-label uses in medicines as well, for example, the compound can stimulate ovaries and therefore can be used as a fertility drug.

How Letrozole Works?

Taken into consideration that Femara (Letrozole) is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). Exactly as any other AI, the product is binding to the aromatase enzyme. Therefore is preventing estrogen from being released. With this being said, it reduces the total blood serum levels of estrogen flowing in the body.

  • Femara is a type II AI, being a very powerful one. Yet, relatively inexpensive.

As mentioned, Letrozole is often referred to as the most powerful AI out there. It is capable of dropping estrogen levels up to about 98%!

Letrozole in Bodybuilding

Taken into consideration that FemaraLetrozole is considered the most powerful AI, it is quite obvious that it would quickly and drastically reduce estrogen levels when used. That’s why, a lot of bodybuilders use Femara to deal with estrogen related issues, especially gynecomastia when other AI’s weren’t too helpful for their needs.

Letrozole has been proven through numerous studies that it is one of the best compounds out there which can quickly and effectively treat gynecomastia. That’s why it is considered there’s nothing more effective for treating gynecomastia than Letrozole (Femara) which can even help prevent you from surgery.


That’s why Letrozole is used to deal with estrogen related issues, especially gynecomastia, and especially when such issues are getting out of control. The compound is used during the cycle of aromatized steroids. Not all steroids aromatize but if you run such steroids, it is important to have an anti estrogen handy.

  • Aromatized steroids include- Testosterones, Nandrolones, Dianabol, and many others. Such steroids convert into estrogen through aromatization and are likely to end up with high estrogen levels which may lead to such symptoms as low libido and energy, high blood pressure, affected sleep, water retention, and of course gynecomastia.

Is very important to run AIs during the cycle of aromatized steroids and as mentioned – Letrozole is the most powerful AI out there.

Letrozole vs Other AIs

LetrozoleFemara is the most powerful AI. But doesn’t permanently disable aromatase enzyme.

AromasinExemestane is less powerful. But is permanently binding to those enzymes and is less powerful.

ArimidexAnastrozole is usually the first line treatment because it is not as powerful so is less versatile and is less expensive. Can’t permanently bind to aromatase enzymes.

Letrozole Dosage

Letrozole (Femara) comes in the form of oral pills and we highly recommend finding the “sweet” spot specifically for yourself and your needs. Too much Letrozole leads to crushed estrogen levels and side effects. Not enough Letrozole leads to a spike in estrogen levels and side effects.

Femara dosages are ranged between 0.25 mg up to 1 mg on a daily or every other day basis.

The dosage depends on various factors. Such as the number of steroids used, dosages, cycle length, personal response, and many others.


Letrozole Side Effects

The only side effects associated with the use of Letrozole are too suppressed estrogen levels. Check for low estrogen levels side effects and those are the side effects of Letrozole.

Generally, Femara doesn’t really offer side effects to men who use it properly. In case side effects do occur – is a sign that too high doses are used.

As said, all side effects are associated with too crushed estrogen levels. That’s why it is important to use the product properly. Because whilst high estrogen is offering side effects, not enough estrogen is bad too. After all, estrogen helps to:

  • Gain muscles and strength
  • Keep a healthy immune system
  • Helps with erection and libido
  • Affects your mood
  • Is crucial for bone health

And there are other things where estrogen is important.

What you need to do is to keep estrogen within normal levels, not to get it too high or too low.


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