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Femara For Fertility

Have you ever wanted to get big and jacked? We all wanted. That’s why a lot of us started to think about using anabolic steroids. However, the steroids are very different. There are anabolic steroids that may increase estrogen levels in the users’ bodies and there are those that won’t.

The steroids that increase estrogen are known as aromatized steroids (also called wet steroids) and those that do not increase estrogen are known as non aromatizable steroids (also called dry steroids).

Wet steroids are used for bulking up – you gain as much muscles as possible, whilst dry steroids are usually used for cutting – preserving lean muscles and losing body fat. Most bodybuilders need to grow muscles first, obviously, that’s why wet steroids are extremely famous and widely used all over the world. But there’s a problem – wet steroids may increase estrogen levels too much and that’s why we need to add an estrogenic protective compound.

Femara is an amazing anti estrogenic product, in fact, the most powerful one. That’s why Femara is a big name in bodybuilding world. Yet, it has other uses except for that.


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Femara For Fertility

Femara is having the active substance Letrozole and this is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) and as other AIs, the compound is very famous for reducing the total estrogen levels in the body. Usually, that’s not helpful for women who want to get pregnant, yet Letrozole seems to be helpful for ovulation induction.

Since 2001, the compound was used by fertility doctors for inducing ovulation in women and that’s because the compound has been found effective, with fewer side effects than Clomiphene (Clomid) and less chances of multiple gestation.

  • In the end, there is not a very big difference between Clomid and Femara in terms of fertility, yet Letrozole remains to be given for fertility uses off label in many countries such as US and UK. The compound is given for fertility because it stimulates ovaries.
  • But except for Femara being given for fertility, it has various other uses too such as pretreatment for termination of early pregnancy, usually in combination with other compounds. It has been found to be effective at promoting spermatogenesis in male patients that are suffering from nonobstructive azoospermia. Other than that, it was used to treat endometriosis too.
  • Lastly, Letrozole is used off label for the treatment of gynecomastia too. And that’s the reason why Femara is such a famous product in the world of bodybuilding – the compound is used for the estrogenic protection. Is the most powerful anti gynecomastia product and is an overall estrogenic protective amazing compound.


Femara Conclusion

Femara for fertility is used off label and is prescribed by doctors. We wouldn’t recommend to use Femara for fertility unless you get a prescription by your doctor, that’s because the doctor is capable to find out the reason for your infertility and how you can treat it well.

Instead, Femara can be used for anti gynecomastia and estrogenic protection during the aromatizable anabolic steroid cycle.

You can find a lot much more information about Femara for bodybuilding purposes but if you need to find information about Femara for fertility or similar needs then we suggest to talk to your doctor. That’s because doctors can and will help with fertility issues, but they won’t help with bodybuilding purposes if you use steroids and want to use aromatase inhibitors to stay away from side effects.

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