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Winstrol Side Effects

Any anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) is having side effects. In fact, absolutely any given compound is likely to cause side effects when used incorrectly. That’s why we highly recommend using Winstrol and any other steroid within the recommended dosages and cycle lengths. They should be chosen on an individual basis depending on various factors.

  • A proper administration of Winstrol (and any other compound) is going to make sure you’ll get the maximum benefits and it would also lower the risks of developing negative side effects. This is the reason why the team highly recommends everyone learn about a compound as much as possible before actually using it.


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Winstrol is considered a powerful and effective steroid. By planning to run a Winstrol cycle, regardless of whether you use it in injectable or oral tablets form, you need to learn about it as much as possible. You’ve got to take into consideration various factors that would determine the dosage and cycle length as well as the likelihood of Winstrol side effects appearing.

Not all users will develop negative side effects. And those who do, do not necessarily experience all side effects. The side effects are highly individual, based on various different factors. That’s why it is important to be conscious of your own body. Do not use Winstrol cycles recommended by other people. You may not be able to tolerate the side effects that other people might. Or the other way around.


Common Winstrol Side Effects

In the end, you are likely to develop some side effects, especially with higher and/or longer cycle lengths. Here is the list of some most commonly reported adverse effects from using Stanozolol (the active substance in Winstrol steroid):

  • Increased liver enzymes that may lead to liver damage
  • Negative effects on cholesterol values that may lead to cardiovascular issues
  • Drying of the joints and ligaments that may lead to pains
  • Reduction of testosterone levels that may lead to testicles shrinkage
  • May increase blood pressure that may lead to heart issues

There are a few negative effects that will occur regardless of what you do. For example, increased liver enzymes decreased natural testosterone production, and negative effects on cholesterol values will occur.

Nonetheless, we highly recommend doing everything that’s possible to avoid those negative effects that lead to some serious issues.

Serious Winstrol Side Effects

If you’re not going to control or take actions to prevent the negative effects of Stanozolol – they are likely to lead to serious problems. They are commonly occurring if Winstrol is abused or if the user has some pre-existing health issues. For example, if you already suffer from high blood pressure, liver issues, or heart issues – we don’t recommend Winstrol at all. Serious Winstrol side effects can be:

  • Stroke
  • Uncontrollable aggression
  • Liver failure, cirrhosis, liver cancer
  • Extremely low Test levels leading to nasty symptoms
  • Dangerous thickening of blood
  • Life-threatening heart damage

Usually, these side effects do not appear if Winstrol is used responsibly and is not abused. So, please, be very careful with it.


How to Avoid Side Effects?

Except for the obvious fact that you shouldn’t use Winstrol if you have pre-existing health issues and shouldn’t abuse it, there are other things to implement to avoid the side effects.

  • For example, a Post Cycle Therapy plan (PCT), which is common with Clomid and/or Nolvadex, after the Winstrol cycle would greatly help you avoid the low testosterone symptoms.
  • Running liver protection supplements might help avoid a little bit of liver damage too. Supplements meant to protect joints and ligaments may help avoid dry and painful joints.
  • Also, a correct lifestyle is going to help you avoid exaggerated issues. For example, having a cholesterol friendly diet that is on point with a good training regimen greatly helps avoid cholesterol and cardiovascular issues.
  • Yet, then again, the most important thing that helps avoid Winstrol side effects is the fact that you don’t abuse it. Not using it in too high doses and/or for too long periods – that’s what is going to save you from those nasty issues.
  • Also, you can avoid the side effects of Stanozolol by getting the best quality and highest purity compound. Lower quality products are not as effective and likely to cause side effects.

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