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HGH For Weight Loss

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein hormone that is vital for any human. From the moment we’re born until we die – the hormone is playing a crucial role in the proper development and well being.

HGH is having a lot of different effects and benefits. One of them is the fact that HGH is great for losing body fat. Therefore, HGH for weight loss has been proven very effective. Is because there’s a strong connection between HGH and a person’s weight.

HGH Usage

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone that is being produced by the body. Mostly by the pea-sized pituitary gland and mostly during the night when you’re getting deep sleep. The hormone is vital for growth and development.


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We’re having it most when we are younger and adolescent. But as we age, the HGH levels start to decrease and so do many of the benefits of this hormone.

That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people who are in their 30s and 40s are experiencing some health issues. Such as problems to lose body weight, keeping proper energy levels, and maintain muscle mass. Of course, there are a lot of different factors and reasons that come into play too. But one of the reasons is the decline of HGH in the body.

With all of this being said, it is quite obvious that if you’re going to administer HGH injections, you are very likely to get tremendous help in achieving your weight loss goals.

Of course, there are many other methods and compounds for weight loss. But none of them is working in the way that HGH for weight loss works. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long while with various methods and various different compounds without too much help then HGH might be the answer to your weight loss goals.

That’s because HGH has been proven through studies to play a major role in the fat amount of a person. And generally, in weight management.

How Does HGH Help For Weight Loss?

Administering HGH can have a huge impact on both men and women in terms of benefits. In reducing the amount of fat or other benefits. Specifically for weight loss:


First of all – HGH is speeding up your metabolism and is improving muscle mass. There’s no need to mention that a faster metabolism is directly responsible for helping to burn fat faster and more efficiently. The more muscle tissues we have, the more calories are burnt even when we’re resting.

Another thing that was discovered through studies is that HGH is going to promote lipolysis. This is the breakdown of lipids (breakdown of fat).

In addition to that, is triggering the liver to release the hormone Insulin-like Growth-Factor 1 (shortly IGF-1). Professionals’ bodybuilders know that IGF-1 is very important. Mostly for stimulating cell growth through the body and reducing the transport of glucose to cells. That’s why HGH is very closely related to blood sugar levels in the body.

Instead, HGH and IGF-1 would help the body to deplete the glucose before turning to some other sources of energy. That’s why HGH offers increased levels of energy too allowing you to move more and lose more weight.

Indirect Help of HGH For Weight Loss

But there are a lot of other benefits of administering HGH that are indirectly helping you with weight loss purposes.

For example, the HGH is going to improve your libido, is going to reduce anxiety as well as depression, would greatly help improve quality of sleep, and would improve cognitive function with an overall boost in energy, stamina, and energy levels.

This indirectly helps to lose weight. You are more motivated, can work out more often and more intensively and longer, can avoid junk food, and even if you do eat it, HGH would help burn it faster.


In short, HGH for weight loss is great both through direct as well as indirect benefits.

How To Use HGH For Weight Loss

HGH for weight loss purposes can be used both by males and females but we recommend you to be careful with the compound and not attempt too high doses in an attempt of faster/ more weight loss. It helps burn fat, but the results start to be visible in about one month of continuous use of HGH.

Also, we highly recommend to workout hard, sleep enough and eat properly if you want to reach your weight loss goals with or without HGH or any other product out there.Axotropin-HGH-Axiolabs

  • Dosages of HGH for weight loss are usually up to a maximum of 4 IU a day, but 2-3 IU daily would be helpful for this purpose too. Since it takes a while for the compound to kick in and help, most commonly, HGH is used for no less than 4-6 months up to about 8-12 months.

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This is because except for weight loss, HGH can be used for muscle and strength gains, medical conditions, anti aging purposes, and many others.

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