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Is HGH Legal?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is very often being described as one of the key elements in the anti aging process, is one of the most widely used product among athletes for physique and performance enhancement purposes and is also considered one extremely helpful compound for many other purposes and needs. With this being said, HGH got extremely popular and widely used.

As a result, there are a lot of questions that raise when talking about HGH as people may not understand many things right.

Most of the questions are answered here on our website at but one of the questions that we would particularly discuss about here in this article is:

Is HGH Legal?

Let’s start off by saying that Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that is found in every person and is an extremely important hormone that is responsible for a number of things. The protein hormone is being secreted by pituitary gland and is a hormone that is decreasing as we age, which is leading to various effects.


  • Growth Hormone is bursting in childhood growth and then is helping to maintain tissues and organs throughout our entire life. As the pituitary gland is reducing the amount of GH it produces as we age, many people have found that using synthetic HGH (Somatotropin) can be very beneficial to avoid many negative symptoms such as decreased muscle and bone mass, increased fat amount, reduced vitality and skin condition and many others.
  • Other than that, except for being used by elder people to fight off with such symptoms, HGH was found helpful for bodybuilders and athletes, making it one of the best compounds for growing muscle mass and offering many other physical benefits. Which is quite obvious taken in consideration that is a “growth” hormone. That’s why is such a famous compound among bodybuilders.

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Yet, as much as you might have understood, this is a steroid, and as we know, anabolic steroids are not in a good light when talking about their legal status.

Human Growth Hormone is not an actual anabolic steroid as most others used by bodybuilders and therefore, the legal status is a bit different, yet is still very similar being a steroid.


Legal Status about HGH

Is very important to keep in mind that every country is having their own regulation and legal status about a substance. That’s why, whilst HGH is a controlled substance in USA, it may not be in other country.

Anyway, in USA, the HGH is approved only for the treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency and related problems that are associated with HIV infection. It also can be given to children with HGH deficiency and those of a short stature.

  • WARNING! HGH (Human Growth Hormone) compounds come exclusively only in form of injection. That’s because is only effective when administered as injection. There are no HGH pills. There are some dietary supplements claiming to boost HGH levels coming as pills, but the researches done on them do not show any benefits.


Customers should know that HGH is being considered a controlled substance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore, the use of HGH for a condition that is not approved (earlier mentioned) is considered illegal.

Therefore, is considered that HGH should not be used for anti aging treatment in older adults or for building lean muscle mass.

Nonetheless, there are still many of those people who already used HGH for growing muscle mass and proven it to be extremely helpful and in the same time very safe as long as is being used properly and moreover, there were doctors who prescribed HGH products to elder people in order to deal with aging related symptoms and proven it to be very helpful.


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Therefore, HGH is legal for various conditions only, but it was proven to be extremely helpful and in the same time safe as long as is used properly, even where is not legal.

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