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Anavar Weight Loss

Anavar is an extremely famous anabolic steroid because of its extreme high versatility. This steroid is just great and almost perfect all round. The only downside of Anavar is its price. Is one of the most expensive steroids that you may find.

ANAVAMED-10_Oxandrolone_DEUS-MEDICAL-e1602662488387 Nonetheless, our source try the best to solve this problem by offering the lowest possible price for Anavar. Therefore, customers can save a lot of money whilst getting the “almost perfect steroid”.

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We call it like that because Anavar can be used for gaining weight, but Anavar is great for weight loss too. Anavar is coming in form of pills and there is no need to inject yourself and that’s amazing. Despite the fact that is remaining an extremely effective compound, is pretty safe in terms of side effects with low risks of too bad negative adverse effects.

Other than that, despite the fact that is most popular and widely used steroid for women, is also extremely famous among men. The steroid is used by gym rats and beginners, but is also used by steroid veterans and professionals who need it pre contest.

The active substance in Anavar is Oxandrolone. Any other brand with Oxandrolone is referred to Anavar. This is truly a unique orally active steroid which was synthesized back in 1960s for the purpose of treating muscle wasting diseases and osteoporosis. Yet, Oxandrolone is amazing for weight loss purposes, and specifically – for fat loss purposes.

The compound that comes as pills (because is offering an amazing oral bioavailability) is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived and it cannot aromatize into estrogen. Therefore, Oxandrolone won’t offer any estrogen related side effects, but in the same time, Anavar has been proven effective for weight loss, more specifically – fat loss.


Anavar for weight loss is great as it works so throughout various methods.

  • First of all, it makes your body temperature raise by some increase in blood pressure. With higher body temperature – you sweat more and you lose fat easier.
  • Therefore, it leads to faster metabolism. A faster metabolism means that everything in the body works harder and faster, requiring more “fuel”. Body takes it from fat.
  • Anavar is great for fat loss at a hormonal level too, making your body more susceptible to get rid of fat, and less susceptible to add new fatty tissues.

That’s all great when Anavar is used for dieting. When Oxandrolone is used for cutting cycles (in the time that the individual is dieting, trying to lose weight and fat) then is the moment when is showing true effectiveness. Anavar is also used for bulking during off season. But is definitely better for cutting.

Anavar would great enhance the performance of the user and that’s seen both in women and men using Anavar. Men have naturally more testosterone and that’s one of the reasons why they lose weight much easier. Yet, when this steroid is used both by men and women, they both have great success at burning fat during weight loss purposes.


The anabolic steroid is offering a great boost in enhanced performance, the body is going to enter the “weigh loss” process much faster and way more efficiently.


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How Anavar is Working?

anavar-weight-loss-man Except for the fact that it burns body fat and helps with weight loss. It also can help with weight gain.

Anavar is great because:

  • It greatly enhances the protein synthesis rate in the body
  • Is boosting Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1)
  • Does a great job in regulating the androgen receptors in skeletal muscle

As a result, here is what you may notice when using Anavar properly:

  1. Decreased both visceral fat as well as total body fat.
  2. Great increases in nitrogen retention.
  3. Enhanced protein synthesis rate in skeletal muscles.
  4. Huge increase in energy and stamina as well as endurance.
  5. Better use of nutrients and foods you consume.
  6. Increased lean muscle mass.
  7. Boosts in muscle functions, boosts their growth, strength as well as overall physical condition.
  8. Offers a hard, dry and muscular outlook.

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