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Testosterone Cypionate Half Life

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the many esterified versions of testosterones and the only difference between different esters of testosterone is in their release time which is also known as half life.

Testosterone Cypionate half life is long, that’s why is considered a long based testosterone compound and that’s one of the main reasons why this version of synthetic testosterone is so popular and widely used both in medical settings and in bodybuilding world – the anabolic steroid would increase your testosterone levels without being administered too often.

This is the advantage of this version of testosterone taken in consideration that is administered in form of injection as any other testosterone ester which can be problematic for users, especially when you need to inject something too often.


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Explanation of Cypionate Ester

As said earlier, Testosterone Cypionate half life is long and that’s because of the Cypionate attached ester to the testosterone hormone. Testosterone Cypionate half life is 12-14 days. As a comparison, Testosterone Propionate half life is 1-3 days and as much as you can notice, the difference is huge.

Testosterone remains the same, the ester doesn’t affect how the main hormone (testosterone in this case) is going to work. The half life (release time after the product was administered) depends on the ester attached.

Ester is an amino acid that is delaying the release of the product in the system after is used. And there are many different esters, some are longer than others. For example, Cypionate ester is one of the longest ones. There are many shorter ones offering shorter half life such as Propionate (shortest), Enanthate and others. But there are a few that offer even longer half life such as Testosterone Undecanote with half-life of about 21 days or longer.

Nonetheless, Testosterone Cypionate is by far a more popular version than Undecanoate.


Testosterone Cypionate Half Life Benefits

There are 3 main testosterones that are considered extremely popular in both bodybuilding and medical settings and Testosterone Cypionate is one of them, alongside with Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Propionate. Yet, Testostosterone Cypionate half life of 12-14 days makes it the longest out of these 3 popular compounds and that’s why is usually used as a first like treatment in medical settings and is usually first compound used by those who are searching to increase testosterone levels for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

There’s no need to explain what are the benefits of testosterone itself. Regardless of the ester added, testosterone works the same way and we all know what are they – there’s a lot of benefits that you most likely know about.

But specifically the benefits of Testosterone Cypionate long half life compared to other Testosterones with shorter half life is that the compound is entering your system slowly and is flushed out of the system slowly.

This means that you are capable to maintain stable blood levels, you reduce the risks of fluctuations in your system which would maximize the benefits and reduce the “high and lows” and all of that whilst you do not need to inject it too often.


Because of Testosterone Cypionate half life of 12-14 days, doctors prescribe it to patients to be used once every 2-6 weeks depending on the needs.

  • For bodybuilding purposes, Testosterone Cypionate is used only once a week with high success rate. But to exclude absolutely any chances of fluctuations, a lot of professionals (especially those using higher doses) are administering Testosterone Cypionate twice per week. For example, half a weekly dosage on Monday and the other half on Thursday.

testosterone-cypionate-odin-pharma There are a few disadvantages such as longer time required for the compound to fully kick in the system and requires more time to get flushed out of the body fully and not to get detected on anti doping test.

Nonetheless, the disadvantages are not as bad compared to advantages, which is why Testosterone Cypionate is so popular.

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