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Andriol Testocaps

Andriol is the brand name of the product containing Testosterone Undecanoate, although you may find it as other brand names, Andriol is by far the most famous brand and usually, Testosterone capsules come in 40 mg dosages. Is good to know that out of 40 mg, the capsule actually contains only 25 mg of raw testosterone, the rest 15 mg is made of the ester weight (Undecanoate). With this being said, Andriol is often called Andriol Testocaps indicating it comes in form of capsules containing Testosterone.

There is also Testosterone Undecanoate in form of injection, with most famous brand name being Nebido. Nonetheless, the injectable form of Testosterone Undecanoate is not popular at all.

Andriol Testocaps are coming in form of oral capsules that should be administered by mouth and this is a huge advantage as you’re capable to increase synthetic testosterone levels without the need to inject anything – that’s the main reason why so many people resort to Andriol Testocaps.


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Another big advantage is the fact that Andriol is not C17 alpha alkylated, it doesn’t goes through liver, instead it gets into the blood stream through lymphatic system. This makes Andriol Testocaps safe for your liver. That’s the main difference between Testosterone Undecanoate (Andriol) and Methyltestosterone – which is another form of oral testosterone, but is liver hepatotoxic.

Andriol Testocaps are used in medical settings for treating various health conditions (those that require boosted testosterone levels) but is also used in bodybuilding settings among people who search for compounds that can boost their testosterone, which is greatly going to boost their performance and physique.

  • NOTE! Do not confuse Andriol with Anadrol. Although they may sound alike, there’s almost nothing in common between these 2 brands except for the fact that they are both steroids (messing up with your hormones) that come in form of oral tablets. Anadrol contains Oxymetholone which is Dihydrotestosterone derived whilst Andriol Testocaps are capsules containing Testosterone Undecanoate.

Advantages of Andriol Testocaps

There are many advantages that we can name about Andriol Testocaps. For example, the first and the most obvious one – it doesn’t require injections in order to be effective. Andriol Testocaps coming in form of capsules can be taken orally by mouth and they are going to work very well, and another huge advantage – this is not going to be liver hepatotoxic as it is with most other orally active steroids out there.

This product is used in medical settings, but since is efficient in increasing testosterone levels, many bodybuilders use this compound for improving their muscle mass and strength levels.

The compound is milder compared to many other testosterone forms, that’s another advantage we can name – side effects won’t be as bad as with other testosterone versions. All in all, the compound is pretty efficient without side effects as much as we can notice – plus can be used orally.


Other than that, Andriol Testocaps will work the exact same way as all other synthetic forms of testosterone (regardless of administration form, ester etc.) – it boosts testosterone levels. This is what leads to various benefits such as:

  • Increase in work capacity
  • Increase the rate of muscle and strength growth
  • Improves mood and overall the feeling of well being
  • Increases the strength, power, endurance and overall performance
  • Boosts recovery time and efficiency including many others.

Disadvantages of Andriol Testocaps

Well, nothing in this world comes without disadvantages and same applies to Andriol Testocaps. This compound is orally active coming as capsules and is not C17 alpha alkylated not affecting your liver, but this is offering a big drop in bioavailability. This indicates how much of the product is being absorbed in the body.

With lower bioavailability, the compound is weaker – you need a bigger dose of Andriol to meet the same efficiency and benefits as with injectable form of testosterone.

That’s why Andriol is milder in side effects. Nonetheless, if you take enough dosage to make it effective, you may also develop side effects. This compound is definitely not side effects free. You will need to take care of the side effects that may occur as with any other form of testosterone such as:

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Estrogen related side effects: water retention, gynecomastia, bloating etc.
  • Androgen related side effects: acne, hair loss, aggression etc.
  • Virilization (masculinization)
  • Cholesterol negative effects
  • Cardiovascular negative effects
  • Might offer some psychological negative effects too.


Andriol Testocaps are safer, but they are definitely not 100% safe. They are just milder, meaning that you need to take higher doses of them – which is another disadvantage. Plus, being milder, they are also not going to be as efficient.

Anyway, Andriol Testocaps is an amazing product for those who hate needles and injections and still want to keep their liver healthy whilst increasing their testosterone levels. With this being said, you can buy Andriol Testocaps directly from this website to make sure you get highest quality Testosterone Undecanoate for lowest price and get all the advantages mentioned.

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