Methenolone Enanthate


Methenolone Enanthate is the active substance and the chemical name of the brand Primobolan or shortly Primo which is an extremely famous anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS). This steroid is considered among the most popular injectables for cutting cycles.

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What is Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate)?

Methenolone Enanthate is the active substance and the chemical name of the brand Primobolan or shortly Primo which is an extremely famous anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS). This steroid is considered among the most popular injectables for cutting cycles.

Other injectable steroid that might be as popular as Methenolone Enanthate with brand name Primobolan (Primo) is Trenbolone, but there’s a huge difference between the 2 steroids. Trenbolone is extremely powerful and with nasty side effects while Metheolone is considered a mild steroid with much milder side effects.

Part of the reason why this steroid is so popular is because of its mild side effects while is still remaining highly effective despite being considered a weaker steroid than most others but another reason why is so popular is due to Arnold Schwarzenegger – the bodybuilding legend is considered to have used this compound in order to get in his best shape.

Methenolone is mainly a cutting steroid because is amazing at cutting fat and maintaining muscle mass, but is also sometimes used in bulking cycles too. However, because of its anabolic and androgenic activity ratings being quite low, Primo is mainly being a cutting steroid with some pretty big advantages.

One big advantage is the fact that this steroid has a stronger binding to the androgen receptor than testosterone. Being a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived compound, it doesn’t aromatize so no estrogenic activity would occur, why is good for fat loss purposes.

This compound is both having medical purposes as it can be used in medical settings for various health needs but is very famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

What Does Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) Do?

As said, Methenolone Enanthate which is most often sold as brand name Primobolan (but there may be others too), is having various medical needs. For example, is used for the treatment of anemia as well as it can be used for the treatment of breast cancer.

For bodybuilders, Methenolone is used as a cutting steroid as it helps to maintain muscle mass and lose body fat. It works in the same way as other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors and as said, it binds to them very strongly. The compound is therefore starting to work in a unique way.

Methenolone has a fairly weak anabolic to androgenic ratio without estrogenic activity. Due to all of this is very weak for bulking cycles, although is sometimes used for such needs too. But Primobolan has been found to be extremely helpful at increasing nitrogen retention, therefore, is mainly considered an anti catabolic rather than anabolic steroid.

The biggest advantage is the fact that you’re capable to maintain muscle mass while you’re dieting really hard. People with very low calorie diets are still able to maintain muscles, in fact, is said that they could even add a bit of muscle mass. Obviously not too much, but adding any lean muscle mass while dieting down is still a really big advantage.

Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) Cycle & Dosage

Methenolone Enanthate is coming with the “Enanthate” attached ester which is responding for a delayed release of the main steroid – Methenolone in the blood system. Methenolone is also coming in oral version as Methenolone Acetate taken orally in form of pills. However, Methenolone Enanthate – the injectable version is much famous.

The oil based steroid is used by injection intramuscularly and due to the Enanthate attached ester that is offering a half life of approximately 7-10 days, you can administer it only twice per week. For example, on Mondays and Thursdays. Split the total weekly dosage in 2 even halves.

The half life of Primobolan oral (Methenolone Acetate) is different, so there’s a different administration schedule. Women, generally have much better options than Primobolan, but if they want to use it, then they should opt only for the oral Primobolan.

Dosages of Methenolone Injectable for men is usually in the range of 600-800 mg a week, or maybe even higher. If you go for 800 mg a week, use 400 mg on Mondays and 400 mg on Thursdays.

Cycle lengths with Injectable Primobolan – Methenolone Enanthate are usually around 12 weeks.

An example of injectable Methenolone Enanthate cycle: 12 weeks of 600 mg a week of Primobolan, 250 mg a week of Testosterone Cypionate, use some AIs for testosterone’s aromatization, Cardarine 20 mg a day and N2Guard or liver supplement.

Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) Side Effects

Methenolone Enanthate that is sold as brand Primobolan is a steroid so side effects are expectable. Assuming that this is a mild steroid and side effects are not going to occur is a big mistake, especially if you’re going to abuse it. Indeed, the side effects might not appear, and there’s a high chance that you won’t get any in case you would use it properly, however, side effects are still possible.

Methenolone is offering pretty much all the same side effects of all other steroids, with the exception of estrogenic side effects that won’t occur since Methenolone is a DHT derived steroid and cannot aromatize.

Being a mild steroid means that the chances of appearance of side effects and their intensity would be much lower, nonetheless, Primobolan is still offering:

  • Virilizing side effects for women
  • Testosterone suppression for men (although there were rumors suggesting that is not suppressing it – that’s false).
  • Androgenic side effects like hair loss, acne, aggression and others
  • The injectable version is liver toxic to some degree
  • There are also other side effects not mention here.

You would need supporting supplements, PCT plan and a healthy lifestyle without abusive dosages to stay away from side effects.

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