Testosterone Suspension

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Testosterone Suspension is the non esterified form of testosterone meaning that testosterone suspension is coming in its purest form. Those who want to get the strongest and most powerful testosterone product – they should stop at testosterone suspension, which is also called testosterone base.


What is Testosterone Suspension?

Testosterone Suspension is the non esterified form of testosterone meaning that testosterone suspension is coming in its purest form. Those who want to get the strongest and most powerful testosterone product – they should stop at testosterone suspension, which is also called testosterone base.

Since it has no esters attached, there’s nothing to stop the delay of testosterone to enter in your system. It enters extremely fast, and is flushed out extremely fast. This means that the administration of this product won’t last too much, but the effects would be insane.

There’s no need to mention how important testosterone is for a person. It is responsible for growing muscles and muscle strength including, perhaps, millions of other needs for a human body, especially for males.

Testosterone suspension that has no ester attached is the exact same testosterone that do have the attached ester, working the exact same way, but is different in the half life. Because it must be administered very often, Testosterone suspension is not used in medical settings and many people do not want to use it.

However, those people that do take the chance of using it properly (which means much more often than the esterified testosterones) they would get the most powerful testosterone giving them mind blowing amounts of testosterone and therefore huge benefits in extremely short periods of time.

Testosterone Suspension Half Life

Testosterone Suspension also known as Testosterone Base which is non esterified form of testosterone – the synthetic testosterone is comes as it is, in an aqueous solution, instead of oil solution as the esters, offers the half life of pure testosterone.
That would be the half life of 2-4 hours. This means that this product should be injected multiple times a day. That’s the biggest drawback. But some people do use it, and the results are coming extremely fast, because the testosterone is building up in your system much faster than any other form of testosterone.

What Does Testosterone Suspension Do?

Testosterone Suspension is doing the exact same thing as any other testosterone taking in consideration that you receive testosterone. It just does it much faster and much more efficiently with more pronounced results that appear quicker.

As mentioned, there are extremely much benefits that a person is receiving from testosterone. When talking about physique and performance enhancement purposes most pronounced include:

  1. Muscle growth
    The compound is known to greatly boost protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which are extremely important.
  2. Strength increase
    Testosterone is rebuilding and repairing your muscles much faster and much efficiently. You can work out much more often and the muscles keep on growing due to the efficient muscle tissue repair process.
  3. Improved athletic performance
    Testosterone is known to increase red blood cells count which is leading to more oxygen transportation to the muscles. As a result, you increase strength, power and endurance as your muscles are getting tired much harder. You are capable to work out more and perform better.
  4. Offers an overall anabolic environment
    Anabolism is the process of muscle growing and there are various processes needed for achieving the perfect anabolism.

Testosterone is known to help with all of this, as well as including inhibition of cortisol – therefore aiding fat loss.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle & Dosage

Testosterone Suspension, as said, should be used multiple times a day. That’s because of its extremely short half life and in order to maintain stable blood levels, you need to use it at least 3 times a day, but most people prefer to use it even more often.

That might be bothering, but doing so would provide immense results. It comes in a water solution that should be used intramuscularly. The dosage is anywhere in the range of 50 mg up to 100 mg a day for most people. There are professionals who choose to use higher doses, but that’s not recommended unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Use it very carefully, otherwise you have pretty big risks of negative side effects.

The product is used in combination with other steroids in most cases. It can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles and in combination with almost any given steroid that comes into your mind. What specific steroid to add depends on what is your ultimate goal.

Most often, Testosterone Suspension is used in the range of 4 and 6 weeks. You can try it solo 50-100 mg a day for 4 weeks just to start.

Then you can try it with Deca Durabolin, or with Winstrol. Here’s an example of advanced cycle with Testosterone Suspension (but there may be many more):

6 weeks with Testosterone Suspension 100 mg a day (700 mg weekly), Winstrol (Stanozolol) 50 mg a day (350 mg weekly) and Dianabol (Methandrostanolone) 25 mg a day (175 mg weekly). Add supplements and end the cycle with PCT plan.

Testosterone Suspension Side Effects

Testosterone Suspension does have side effects – they are exactly the same as with all other testosterones. The difference is that the side effects would appear much faster and disappear much faster too. However, during this short period they would stay – they may be much more pronounced and intensified.

Here’s the list of most common side effects noticed in testosterone administration (and they most commonly appear to people who abuse it):

  • Estrogenic side effects
  • Because of aromatization, you may receive gynecomastia, hypertension, water retention and others.
  • Androgenic side effects

About 5 % of testosterone converts into DHT, with too much testosterone converted in too much DHT you can receive:

  • hair loss, aggression, acne and others.
  • Virilizing side effects for women
  • Suppressed natural testosterone production
  • Cholesterol and cardiovascular system might suffer as well.


Where to Buy Testosterone Suspension on Sale?

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