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Stanozolol Injection is the exact same famous oral Stanozolol steroid with the only obvious difference that is administered via injection compared to oral by mouth when it comes as tablets (or pills).


What is Winstrol Depot (Injectable Stanozolol)?

Stanozolol Injection is the exact same famous oral Stanozolol steroid with the only obvious difference that is administered via injection compared to oral by mouth when it comes as tablets (or pills).

Injectable Stanozolol is also coming with the brand name Winstrol (commonly named Winny by bodybuilders) alongside with many other trade names, but is usually called Winstrol Depot indicating that is coming in form of injection.

As we all know, the oral Stanozolol – Winstrol is by far more famous and widely used by most people and with this being said, you may wonder why there’s still the injection form? Well, that’s because there are still people who prefer the injection compared to orals?

Yes, using orals is much easier, but the reason why there is still people who want the injection is maybe because of a slightly longer half life (although not sure), maybe because of the fact that some people assume that injectable Stanozolol is less dangerous for the liver (although has not been proven) but mainly is because of the fact that injectable Stanozolol is slightly powerful than oral.

Yet, these are absolutely the only differences between oral Stanozolol and injectable. It still remains the same steroid that is very famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes among many athletes and bodybuilders.

Usually, oral Stanozolol is given to humans for medical purposes while injectable Stanozolol is given in veterinary settings. Yet, athletes use injections for the more powerful Stanozolol compound.

Winstrol (brand) or Stanozolol is derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it cannot aromatize. Therefore, this product is extremely famous and widely used in cutting cycles.

What is Winstrol (Stanozolol) Used For? What Does Winstrol (Stanozolol) Do?

Stanozolol Injection is used in veterinary medicine, however, this compound is used in medical settings for various different needs. When talking about bodybuilding purposes, as said – Winstrol is a very famous steroid for cutting cycles and that’s because of the steroid’s interesting mechanism of action.

The compound is directly binding to the androgen receptors – those receptors found in muscles and bones that are extremely important in the muscle building process as well as strength increasing. By doing so, Stanozolol is stimulating the protein synthesis, erythropoietin production as well as nitrogen retention.

Therefore you get:

  • Strength gains
  • Muscle hardening effects
  • Dry mass gains
  • Much faster and efficient recovery
  • Boosted conditioning
  • Fat loss processes and various other benefits.


Winstrol is considered super amazing for stimulating the fat loss in the time that you retain or maybe even add some lean muscle mass. Winstrol’s high anabolic activity combined with very favorable low androgenic activity of 320:30 and no aromatization makes it be among the best and most famous cutting steroids in existence.

The high anabolic activity of the compound is what gives it the anabolism, which is also the process known for promoting the cell growth and muscle growth. Stanozolol is 3 times as anabolic (and slightly more) than testosterone – no wonder that using such a steroid with such high anabolic activity you would gain size.

Stanozolol (Winstrol) is having pretty much the same anabolic to androgenic ratios as Oxymetholone (Anadrol) that is considered one of the most powerful oral steroids which is capable to make you a mass monster. The difference is that Stanozolol does not aromatize.

How To Take Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol)? | Winstrol Cycle & Dosage

Stanozolol Injection is no different from Stanozolol oral coming as tablets with the exception that it should be administered intramuscularly by injection. The daily recommended dosage is the same. The only difference is that it should not be administered multiple times a day due to longer half life of the injection – 24 hours compared to 9 hours half life of the oral Stanozolol.

Other than that, both injection and orals Winny is taken in doses between 25 mg up to 100 mg a day and they are both very hepatotoxic, that’s why dosages shouldn’t be too high and cycle lengths too long. Most people prefer 50 mg a day and cycle length should not be anything longer than 4-6 weeks.

The compound is not suitable for bulking needs, instead is very helpful for cutting cycles and that’s why is very often used alongside with cutting steroids such as Anavar or even fat losing agents such as Clenbuterol.

The steroid Winstrol is sometimes used alone, but that’s not a very popular method of administering it. We recommend the addition of other steroids, such as base Testosterone. Sustanon 250, short esterified or long esterified Testosterone would all be helpful.

Is very recommended to add cycle supporting supplements in order to avoid the side effects, especially to have a PCT plan for testosterone inhibition and liver supporting supplements for protecting your liver.

Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol) Side Effects

There’s absolutely no difference between Winstrol Depot and Winstrol (Injectable Stanozolol vs oral Stanozolol) when talking about the side effects.

Some people may assume that injection form is a bit less hepatotoxic compared to orals and while that may be true, is still very hepatotoxic for the liver meaning that both injection and orals should be taken in low doses for very short time.

The side effects of Stanozolol – Winstrol, are very possible taken in consideration that this is a powerful steroid. They are nowhere near as bad as those of Trenbolone, but still possible.

No estrogenic side effects would occur due to the fat that it cannot convert into estrogen.

Here are some of the worst and most common side effects noticed in Stanozolol administration:

  • Joint pains
  • Liver damage or even failure
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Negative effect on cardiovascular health
  • Virilizing side effects
  • Nausea
  • Androgenic side effects like acne, hair loss etc.


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