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Methyltestosterone is a male hormone and is a medicine that is offering oral form of testosterone (testosterone pills).

Methyltestosterone is offering testosterone increasing the total user’s testosterone levels as soon as is being administered orally. The compound is coming with the attached “methyl” making it effective when used as tablets. Testosterone alone is not effective when is being used orally and that’s because most of the hormone is being metabolized and destroyed by the user’s liver.

As a result, less than 10% of the compound is passing the liver, entering the blood system becoming effective. In order to make the compound more effective, the “methylation” has been added – C17 alpha alkylation. The C17 alpha position of the molecule has been added to the methyl group.

As a result, it prevents the liver to break down and deactivating the oral testosterone.

There are various other forms of testosterone, but they are not considered as effective.

Methyltestosterone offers oral testosterone pills which can be easily administered, without the need for the user to use injections.

There are various different Methyltestosterone pros and cons and we would share some of them below, so you could know what to expect from using the compound and generally, making a conclusion if the product fits your needs.

  • PS: you are capable to find Methyltestosterone being manufactured by various different pharmaceutical companies. Every pharma company offers the compound under their own trade/ brand name. That’s why, you could find the active substance Methyltestosterone being sold as various different brand names.
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Methyltestosterone Pros

So well, let’s check the good sides of methyltestosterone. Some of them include:

  • Methyltestosterone is allowing oral administration. You do not need to inject yourself with anything.
  • Methyltestosterone allows the administration of once to twice per day. You do not need to use it too often.
  • The dosage of methyltestosterone to meet your bodybuilding needs is much lower compared to other oral testosterone pills (such as Testosterone Undecanoate). Methyltestosterone should be used 25-50 mg per day, whilst Testosterone Undecanoate about 400-500 mg per day (taken much more often than just 2 times daily).
  • Methyltestosterone is working the exact same way as other testosterone compounds – increases testosterone levels efficiently.

Methyltestosterone Cons

As earlier mentioned, Methyltestosterone does have lots of positive aspects, but there are negative sides too which you should take in consideration:

  • Methyltestosterone is C17 alpha alkylated which allows the oral administration and protects the testosterone from being destroyed. That’s damaging the liver. You need to make sure that your liver won’t get too much damage.
  • Methyltestosterone cannot be used for too much time because of the hepatotoxicity aspect. 4 weeks is recommended with an absolute maximum of 6 weeks administration.
  • Side effects. In fact, this is a negative aspect of all testosterone forms, regardless if oral, injectable or any other (gels, creams etc.). Absolutely all testosterones are coming with negative side effects. You need to learn how to properly administer testosterone without receiving side effects.

Methyltestosterone Conclusion


Methyltestosterone is the perfect solution for those people who want to increase their testosterone levels but do not want to use injections. Despite the fact that injectable testosterone is by far the most famous form of administering it, people can go for oral testosterone tablets too.

Just make sure to watch out for the side effects (which are the same as with any other form of testosterone) and keep your liver healthy with short cycle lengths and normal dosages.

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