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Liquid Anadrol

We all heard about Anadrol and we all heard that the compound is super effective at growing lean muscle mass and offering strength boost. But in addition to that, most of us already know that Anadrol comes in form of oral tablets and pills, nonetheless, there are various other ways of administering the compound, although they are not as popular and widely used as oral Anadrol pills are.

Today we would pay more attention to liquid Anadrol form. In fact, depending on what you need, you could find liquid Anadrol in form of gel form, but the injectable version of this substance is also in form of liquid taken in consideration that that you inject the liquid Oxymetholone.

Oxymetholone is the active substance (main ingredient also known as chemical name) but we mainly know it as Anadrol – most famous brand name.

Regardless either you’re using oral Anadrol tablets or liquid Anadrol or whatever other form, the active substance remains the same – Oxymetholone, and therefore is working the exact same way and offering same results.

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This is one of the most powerful steroids on the market for those people who want to bulk up, to add a good amount of size as well as power.

This anabolic steroid is very helpful for increased red blood cells count, that’s why is prescribed to people suffering from anemia.

Is extremely important to understand the chemical make-up of this product, its final results and especially its potential side effects, also, how to properly administer it in order to receive best results. That’s why, learn as much as possible about Anadrol cycle.


Liquid Anadrol Reviews

There are a lot of people who, for whatever the reason, used liquid Anadrol and they shared their results with it.

Is important to remember that the chemical makeup of the liquid Anadrol is pretty straight forward, with this being said, as soon as the product is being administered, Oxymetholone enters your system really fast.

Being an extremely powerful steroid, is very important for every customer to read as much as possible about how to properly use liquid Anadrol in order to receive as much results as possible, without a proper use – the anabolic steroid is potentially dangerous and you could develop some types of health concerns that can be pretty bad.

  • According to people who used liquid Anadrol, they received amazing benefits.

Some people said that although the active substance is the same, they could feel the liquid form working faster and being a powerful version. The compound should offer great results.

Oxymetholone does work the same way, yet some people say that it works in a more pronounced way and makes the compound better working. Is believed that it is because of the enhanced bio availability. That’s why the liquid Anadrol form is made in the first place – to have a higher bioavailability having a unique oral suspension delivery system.


Using Liquid Anadrol

Oxymetholone, regardless either used as pills or as liquid form, is offering same half life. The dosage is also the same – anywhere between 30 mg and 100 mg per day, with 50 mg a day being the sweet spot. Depending how much you receive per ml, decide how much you need to administer.

  • Usually, that’s about 0.5 ml in the morning and 0.5 ml in the afternoon with the injection. That’s because the half life remains about 8 hours and 1 ml is 50 mg.

Because of the liquid Anadrol unique configuration, it allows for more compound to be absorbed readily in the mouth via absorption via the buccal mucosa. As a result, the liquid Anadrol is not only going to support the bypass of destruction by the digestive process, but is also going to offer a “clearer first pass” liver degradation that is commonly noticed when other oral anabolic steroids are used.

Oxymetholone-Injectable-ZPHC-e1563436830943 In the end, you’re going to receive amazing results with an increase in the needed hormones. Is also believed that liquid Anadrol may be safer for your liver as well.

Anything else remains the same – same cycle length, same dosage per day, same stacks etc. It still remains a great bulking compound but not a really good cutting product because you cannot get lean, but you are capable to grow huge muscles.

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