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Anadrol Pill

Anadrol that is very commonly called by many bodybuilders and athletes: Abombs or A50 the most famous brand name of the chemical Oxymetholone – the active substance. Customers may find Anadrol pill being sold as other brand names except for Anadrol, but as long as there is Oxymetholone – we are referring to same product.

Anadrol pill was initially made as an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is going to help people suffering from anemia, and is still used nowadays for this need. But with time, the compound was discovered to be helpful for various other health conditions. Anadrol pills were found very effective at helping patients suffering from diseases where weight loss is the main concern.


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With this being said, is pretty clear that Oxymetholone is a very effective product for promoting weight gain, for gaining strength, increasing red blood cell count and overall increasing appetite.

Obviously, the product soon became very popular in bodybuilding settings.

Anadrol pills are considered extremely powerful – this is one of the most powerful orally active steroid that you can find. Being so powerful and being so easy to take as it comes as pills is no wonder that the Anadrol pill became something extremely popular in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

Anadrol Pill vs Injection

ANADROMED-10-Oxymetholone-DEUS-MEDICAL-e1580817738381 Anadrol pill is allowed to be administered orally because is C17 alpha alkylated. Yet, Oxymetholone, the active substance, is also coming in form of injection too. Injectable Oxymetholone is not a common preparation, is generally harder to find and is believed to have absolutely no advantages over Anadrol pills.

  • Taken in consideration that you could easily swallow the pills and receive same results as if you would inject Anadrol, obviously the pills remain by far the most popular and widely used form of administering Oxymetholone.

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Anadrol Pill Advantages and Disatvatanges

Anadrol pills obviously advantage is the fact that you can easily use them. Swallowing pills is very easy and require no special guidelines, maybe except for only taking it with food. However, others suggest taking it without food. That’s because Anadrol is capable to offer stomach upset.

According to studies, using it with food it would reduce the bioavailability and therefore, you get stomach issues, but less results. Using it without food, you would reduce the risks of stomach issues, but reduce the benefits too.

If you’re able to administer Anadrol without food then you can go this way, if you are receiving too much stomach issues, use Anadrol pills after a meal.

How to Use Anadrol Pills?

AnadrolOxymetholone is having a half life of approximately 8 hours and this means that the pills should be used twice a day in order to maintain stable blood levels. Split total Anadrol dosage per day into 2 even halves and use them throughout the day.

First thing to mention – women are not recommended Anadrol at all because the compound may be too much for them receiving too nasty side effects.

  • There are much better options for women but if you still want to experiment with it, start at 5-10 mg/ day and see how you react to the compound.

Anadrol dosage for men is much higher. In order to receive good results, most people stick to 50 mg a day – the sweet spot and standard dosage in bodybuilding for Anadrol.


  • Most beginners start with lower doses of 30-40mg a day to see how their bodies react to the anabolic steroid.
  • Whilst people with more experience could increase to 70-80 mg a day.
  • Never use more than 100 mg daily.

Very often, Anadrol pill is stacked with injectable steroids in order to maximize the cycle effectiveness and do not increase the liver strain.

Most often that’s a testosterone base steroid (any ester) and nandrolone. Usually that’s either Sustanon or Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin.

Keep in mind that Anadrol pill is very hepatotoxic – do not run it for longer than 8 weeks, but in fact, is recommended to stop at 4-6 weeks cycle.


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