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Does Dbol Increase Appetite?

Lots of people are searching for various ways for enhancing physical performance and building a better looking physique and doing this research, lots of people noticed that there’s hardly anything better than anabolic steroids – they are amazing for growing immense amounts of muscle mass and making you stronger.

Individuals using steroids are having an obvious physical advantage both in how they look (muscular and shredded) and how they perform (faster, stronger and getting tired not as fast).

There are some steroids that make individuals lose weight, those are steroids that are made for “cutting” cycles when individual is trying to preserve muscles but lose fat. But on the other side we have those steroids that are made for gaining muscle mass, power and strength and they offer an overall increase in weight.

  • One of the most famous steroids for such purposes is Dianabol that’s often called shortly Dbol. This is one of the best and most popular anabolic steroids among bodybuilders and athletes for a very long time for their physique and performance enhancement needs.


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Most men, who want to get a bodybuilder look, need to grow muscles and gain size. But for gaining size you’re required to eat more and that’s why you’ve got to increase the appetite. Eating more would allow the increase of muscles, size and overall weight.

Since Dianabol is such a famous anabolic steroid, a lot of people who think about using steroids seem to wonder:

Does Dbol increase appetite?

Yes, Dbol does increase appetite, that’s one of its amazing feature that makes it so good and helpful for growing lean muscle mass and size. However, you’ve got to learn how Dianabol is working and you’ve got to optimize the results on the intake of this steroid (Dianabol dosage).

Keep in mind that purchasing an anabolic steroid is just the first step in your journey. This definitely won’t be enough to build an amazingly looking body. You’ve got to learn about Dbol dosage, Dianabol cycle, how the compound works, Dianabol side effects and various other Dbol factors.


In the end, Dbol is one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids for bulking cycles – for those cycles when individuals need to grow as much muscle as possible with more strength and power. That’s because Dbol offers an increase in appetite which can be pretty dramatic, increase in stamina, energy, protein synthesis, red blood cell count and various other important things required during the process of bodybuilding.

Because of the chemical structure of Dianabol (actually – Methandienone, the chemical name of Dbol) the compound is boosting testosterone, synthesis of protein, offers estrogenic properties due to aromatization and various other things which help the individual grow muscles.


  • It is not uncommon for a first user of Dbol to add 10-20 lbs of muscle mass. The number can be different depending on various factors but some of the most important ones includes the workout schedule of the user, the dosage of Dbol and obviously the foods you eat. You cannot grow in mass without eating. That’s why you’ve got to have a clean diet in the time that Dianabol is going to increase your appetite.

The results of Dbol are seen very fast because this is a very fast active steroids. In the first few days, you would start feeling it working and in the first few weeks, you would notice the results. That’s quite obvious taken in consideration that you use Dbol which increases appetite, endurance, muscles, strength, power, stamina, energy etc.



Make sure you watch out for the Dbol side effects.

Dianabol is offering estrogen related side effects, testosterone suppression for men, virilizing (masculinization) for women, androgen related side effects, hepatotoxicity, cholesterol and cardiovascular negative effects and others.

But among the list of Dbol side effects may be appetite suppression. There seem to be some people who report that Dianabol is working the other way around for them, instead of increasing appetite – they’ve got it suppressed.

In case you are among those people who are getting their appetite suppressed, try changing the dosage. Reducing the dose may help. Also, try to make sure that you’ve got only high quality MethandrostenoloneMethandienone (the active substance in Dbol steroid).


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