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Are Dianabol Tablets Safe

A lot of people heard about Dianabol but by far not everyone knows what Dianabol is and what you can expect out of using such tablets. Lots of people heard that Dianabol is top 1 most famous and popular steroid for growing lean muscle mass and getting performance to the next level and that’s why a lot of people got interested in using this product.

However, before actually doing so, a lot of people seem to ask: “Are Dianabol Tablets Safe?”

To be honest, I find this a really good thing because since there are so many people who are asking this question, it means that lots of people do care about their health and they are trying to have a responsible use.

The problem is that we cannot offer an exact answer to the question “Are Dianabol Tablets Safe?” and that’s because it greatly depends on various factors. The answer could be yes, but it very well could be no.

First of all, we should check what we understand by being “safe”?

If we would be to make a comparison, then Dianabol tablets are definitely way safer compared to chemotherapy tablets, but in the same time, they are way more dangerous compared to some herbal compounds.

  • Also, if you mean “safe” thinking that it wouldn’t affect your body in almost any way and almost not a single organ is going to be touched by Dianabol use at all then NO – Dianabol isn’t safe.
  • But on the other hand, if we think about “safe” as something that can be taken without damaging your health and organs and not offering too much side effects then we can say that YES – Dianabol is safe.


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That’s why we cannot offer an exact answer. Dianabol steroid is, obviously, a steroid and absolutely any steroids are in a way or another dangerous. But then again, what isn’t dangerous? Dianabol tablets are very safe when you keep administering them properly. But they are dangerous when you abuse them. As anything else other in this life.

Let’s think about… anything! For example… water? Without water you would obviously die, but too much water and that’s going to be dangerous too – even life threatening. It might be a shock for you by abusively using vitamins can be dangerous too! Other than that, most bodybuilders are looking for ways to boost thyroid hormones as we’ve heard stories about people suffering from hypothyroidism and gaining weight etc.

But there’s also a condition called as “hyperthyroidism” when too much is dangerous too.

That’s what I was going – Dianabol tablets are not safe if those tablets are not administered properly. But Dianabol tablets are very safe as long as you run it properly.

That’s why is so highly important for anyone thinking to use steroid – to learn about their benefits and side effects (what to expect from the administration of a compound) and extremely important – how to properly use it.


Dianabol Cycle

So, to make Dianabol tablets safe, is important to learn how to properly use it.

First things first – Dianabol is orally active and is increasing liver enzymes which means that is hepatoxic. You would require to use it in short cycles and low dosages alongside with liver protective supplements and avoid administering anything else other that can damage your liver (like OTC drugs or alcohol).

Other than that, Dianabol is suppressive to natural production of testosterone. You would require to go through a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) in order to recover from this.

We recommend to start Dianabol slowly at a low dosage and short cycle length, then increase when you feel you can tolerate more.

  • Dianabol cycle can be anywhere between 4-8 weeks in length and Dbol dosage is between 30 mg up to 80 mg a day. Only professionals need more than 50 mg a day and 6 weeks.

Before running a Dbol cycle, is extremely important to make sure that you do not have any health issues such as cholesterol related ones, heart related problems, liver issues (like cirrhosis) or others in order to maintain “Dianabol tablets safe”.

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