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Cabergoline is a fungi derivative and is a very powerful dopamine receptor agonist. This is the active substance name (chemical name) of the product but is sold as many different trade names with the most famous ones being Dostinex, Cabaser and Caber as the brand name for this active substance.

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What is Cabaser (Cabergoline)?

Cabergoline is a fungi derivative and is a very powerful dopamine receptor agonist. This is the active substance name (chemical name) of the product but is sold as many different trade names with the most famous ones being Dostinex, Cabaser and Caber as the brand name for this active substance.

This medicine has been studied and proven to be a powerful prolactin inhibitor. There are other substance working similarly as Cabergoline such as Bromocriptine (older than Cabergoline) but this specific medication is favorite in medicine because of its longer half life and less side effects.

Cabergoline was discovered many years ago in early 80s but it got approved by FDA in 1996 and then went generic in 2005. This is an ergot derivative medicine and dopamine receptor agonist on D2 receptors.

What is Cabaser (Cabergoline) Used For in Bodybuilding?

Cabergoline which might be found as Cabaser, Caberos, Dostinex or many other trade names is having various medical uses. In fact, it has many uses and it can be used for:

  • Lactation suppression
  • Hyperprolactinemia
  • Parkinson’s disease in early stages
  • Treatment of uterine fibroids
  • Prolactin creating tumors
  • Cushing’s disease
  • As well as various other uses.

The compound is used in all needs when too high prolactin levels is a problem. But Cabergoline is also having various uses in bodybuilding too. Because is a dopamine agonist, the athletes are using it as an adrenaline rush for sporting events. It would also improve motor skills and give an advantage. Plus, it would allow you to workout harder and longer while ignoring the pains.

But mainly, bodybuilders are using the compound alongside with steroids or other products that can increase the prolactin levels too high in the body. For example, Trenbolone is one of them. When using Trenbolone – you get too high prolactin levels which may lead to negative side effects such as reduced sex drive, prolactin based gynecomastia and others.

By using Trenbolone with Cabergoline, you make sure to keep the prolactin levels in normal range.

But there are other uses too. For example, those using Cabergoline report to have much better sleep and is believed that’s because of the dopamine mimic effect. Better, deeper, more and longer sleep effects are offered. People using Cabergoline report increased sex drive and regaining their sex drive after an intercourse faster. That’s because too high levels of prolactin would cause you to lose interest in sex.

Other than that, is important to mention that by mimicking dopamine, bodybuilders are having much less cravings for junk food. That’s because this food is producing dopamine. With already high levels, they don’t eat junk food – this is helpful for staying lean and with weight loss goals.

Cabergoline is inhibiting prolactin secretion in pituitary’s lactotroph cells. Prolactin is best known for enabling mothers to produce milk, but it has other uses too. That’s why is so important for lactating mothers (who want to keep the lactation) to avoid Cabergoline.

Cabaser (Cabergoline) Dosage For Men in Bodybuilding

Cabergoline for bodybuilding purposes is generally used in doses much lower compared to the dosages required for other health needs. Also, as it was already mentioned products containing Cabergoline such as Cabaser, Caberos, Dostinex (or many others) are preferred compared to Bromocriptine and that’s because of the much longer half life in the first place.

Bromocriptine’s half life is 12 hours, but Cabergoline’s half life is 3 days.

This is an orally active medication that is coming in form of tablets and should be administered orally by mouth. Good news is that due to its very long half life, you would only require to use it twice a week. Also, because of the fact that the compound is extremely powerful – the dosages are usually very low.

This allows you to save a lot of money. Many people complain that Cabergoline is expensive, but taking in consideration the dosage and the frequency of administration – is quite obvious that the compound is not as expensive.

Is recommended to use only 0.25 mgs per dose which is quite enough dosage. Make sure not to take more than you actually need because this would lead to way too much prolactin inhibition. Being a very potent drug, it must be taken very conservatively, otherwise you risk getting negative side effects that can be nasty.

The compound is best taken before bed with a light meal, when taken with food it seems to diminish the risks of negative side effects.

Cabaser (Cabergoline) Side Effects

Side effects of Caberos, Cabaser, Dostinex or any other product containing high quality Cabergoline are very rare and only seen in people using too high doses or having too low tolerance. By using Cabergoline in proper dose with enough food, the side effects are rarely a problem.

The most common reported side effect is the stomach pains of using Cabergoline, but with enough food – that’s not a problem.
Yet, there are still some negative side effects reported, mainly only by people who use higher doses than bodybuilders for their health needs. They can include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Gastric irritation
  • Depression
  • Vertigo
  • Hypotension and various others

Where To Buy Cabergoline (Cabaser)?

Cabergoline can be purchased without any issues from the source you can find here and you can be sure you get the highest quality Cabergoline. Either you find Caberos for sale, Cabaser, Dostinex or any other compound containing Cabergoline – by using this substance of a high quality you can be sure that the compound would work very well without side effects.

Another advantage is that by using the source, you save a lot of money as the compound, as said, can be expensive, but you find it for the best prices here.


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