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Superdrol Cycles

Superdrol is the nickname of the active substance Methasterone also known as Methyldrostanolone. This is an orally active steroid that is considered extremely powerful. Superdrol is referred to as the “super” version of Anadrol (Drol). The compound is capable of offering a powerful anabolic effect leading to great muscle building benefits.

  • This oral AAS is considered among the best orals you can use for packing on muscle mass and strength.


Superdrol is considered an extremely helpful bulking steroid. Nonetheless, it is also often used as a part of cutting cycles and that’s because the compound is known to help users yield hard and dry gains. Methasterone (Methyldrostanolone) doesn’t aromatize into estrogen so it won’t offer water retention or bloating.

But this definitely doesn’t make Superdrol a safe compound. Although you won’t get estrogenic side effects from running a Superdrol cycle, there are lots of other issues to be careful about.

Being a very powerful steroid, it is likely to cause dramatic results. But results can be both positive and negative. You need to learn how to properly go through Superdrol cycles. This way you would get maximum benefits with the least side effects.

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Who Can Run Superdrol Cycles?

Before you actually jump into a Superdrol cycle, it is extremely important to be prepared for it. For example, we do not recommend Superdrol to people that have any cardiovascular issues, liver issues, or various other health conditions.

Additionally, we wouldn’t recommend SD to steroid beginners. It would be much safer if you already have a few cycles with other milder steroids under your belt before running a Superdrol cycle. Simply because the compound might turn out to be too powerful.

But as long as you’re a healthy individual who already used steroids and wants to get to the next level – you can consider using Superdrol. It would help pack on muscle mass, boost your workout efficacy and energy all along with increasing strength and endurance.


Superdrol Dose

Remember that Methyldrostanolone – Superdrol is a very powerful compound. That’s why it doesn’t require immense doses to work and offer great results.

Beginners should start a Superdrol dose as low as only 10-20 mg a day. Even this dosage is going to offer great results.

The maximum Superdrol dosage is 40 mg a day, but only those who previously used SD are recommended to get over 20 mg a day. Even 40 mg a day might be too much for a lot of people.

Superdrol Cycle

Superdrol cycles should not last longer than 6 weeks. This is a very hepatotoxic compound and running it for longer periods may end in permanent or too much liver damage. Many people run it for only 4 weeks and they still have great results. 4 weeks Superdrol cycles are amazing and safer for your liver.

Is highly recommended to run liver protection supplements with all Superdrol cycles. Also, avoid anything that can put extra stress on your liver. Such as alcohol, OTC drugs, and others.


Example of Beginner Superdrol Cycles

Week 1-2 Superdrol 10 mg a day. If you’re happy with the results, continue the way it is for 2 more weeks. Maximum for 4 weeks. If you want more results, increase to a maximum of 20 mg/day.

Example of Intermediate Superdrol Cycles

Intermediate users run dosages anywhere between 20 mg and 30 mg a day of Superdrol. Again for anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Example of Professional Superdrol Cycles

Professionals can adjust Superdrol dosage and cycle length according to their own needs and experience. However, then again, anything over 40 mg/day and 6 weeks is putting you into the danger zone of abuse.

Steroid Stacks With Superdrol Cycles

Many different steroids can be stacked with Superdrol. However, we strongly recommend against stacks with other orals. Superdrol is very hepatotoxic. Adding other oral steroids increases your liver work over the limit, which can be dangerous. Avoid liver toxic compounds.

Other than that, people use Superdrol with whatever steroids they want. SD can be a great addition to both bulking and cutting cycles.


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