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Halotestin Fluoxymesterone

Halotestin or shortly Halo is a testosterone derived orally active Anabolic and Androgenic Steroid (AAS). This is the most popular brand name of this steroid but is sold as numerous other brands. The main substance is Fluoxymesterone.

The compound is considered by far one of the most powerful anabolic steroids you can find on the market. However, despite its huge potency, it is not as popular in bodybuilding settings compared to other steroids.


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Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone Profile

The reason why Halo is considered such a powerful steroid is that, on paper, it displays anabolic rating of 1900 and androgenic rating of 850. This makes it 19 times more anabolic and 8.5 times more androgenic than raw testosterone. Is hard to find other steroids with higher potency. Yet, it is still not as popular because although it has such huge numbers – it is still not as effective at growing muscles.

There’s no doubt that Halotestin is having amazing benefits and that’s why it is still used nowadays by many athletes and bodybuilders. Nonetheless, depending on goals and personal responses, Halo might not be suitable for everyone.

  • For example, for those who need to bulk up as fast and as much as possible, Fluoxymesterone won’t make the best choice. But on the other hand, for those who need to prepare for a competition to display an extremely low body fat percentage with huge muscle hardness and definition – Halo can be your friend.

That’s why Halotestin is often used for cutting purposes among those who are preparing for a show.


In addition to that, Fluoxymesterone is popular among powerlifters and strongmen. This steroid is known to offer a great surge of “strength and power”. Therefore, users are noticing way bigger lifts with the help of this compound.

Halotestin Effects

Halotestin is doing an amazing job in improving strength and loads the body with energy. It does help gain muscle mass, but far not as fast and as much as other steroids. However, it helps with growing dry lean muscles because of no aromatization and no increase in estrogen.

So, you get a fat-free muscle mass increase, therefore a perfectly ripped physical appearance with huge strength and energy.

Here are some of the main benefits of Halotestin:

  • Greatly enhanced strength levels. Athletes can push performance to the next levels.
  • Aids fat loss. People running Halo notice the fat melts away without losing muscles.
  • Dry muscles gain. While it is not as good for gaining muscles – everything you gain with it is dry lean muscle mass. This results in a much harder appearance.
  • Aggression and drive boost. That’s especially helpful for people in competition or to push your body to the limits at the gym.

Halotestin Dosage and Cycle

As mentioned, Fluoxymesterone is an orally active steroid. It comes as tablets and those tablets should be used on a daily basis.


Halotestin half life is around 9-10 hours. That’s why the total daily dose is better to be split into 2 equal doses.

Halotestin dosage is between 10 mg and 40 mg a day. Do not ever use more than 40 mg daily. In fact, even this dosage is way too much for most people. Beginners start at 10 mg daily. Intermediate users go for 20-30 mg a day. Professionals go for 30-40 mg daily.

Because this anabolic steroid is very liver toxic, it is smart to keep cycle length short. Do not use Fluoxymesterone for more than 6 weeks but it is better to use it for only 4-5 weeks.

Do not use anything that can damage your liver (like other oral steroids) and do add supplements that can protect your liver during the cycle of Halotestin.

Females are highly recommended to avoid the use of Halo!

Example of Halotestin cycle:

Another example:

  • Testosterone Propionate 50 mg a day for 8 weeks
  • Halotestin 20-30 mg daily for the last 6 weeks
  • Primobolan Enanthate 500 mg weekly for 7 weeks.


halo-halotestin-fluoxymesterone-xeno-labs Make sure to use Halotestin properly because it is a very liver toxic compound. Hepatotoxicity and androgen related issues are the biggest issues of Halo – you need to watch out for them.

But as long as you can tolerate it properly, you can develop an extremely ripped physique.

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