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Half Life Of Anavar

Anavar is the brand name of the main active substance Oxandrolone and that’s why when talking about half life of Anavar, we’re actually talking about the half life of Oxandrolone. That’s because Oxandrolone might be found being sold as various other brand names than Anavar.

  • Anavar is just the most popular brand for Oxandrolone and that’s why everyone still keeps calling it that way, however, you could still find Oxandrolone sold as numerous other trademarks.


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So, half life of Anavar is 9-10 hours.

That’s the reason why it kicks in so fast and the users are capable to feel it working within a matter of a few days and already notice some difference within a week or maximum 2 of running Anavar.

Remember that Anavar half life might be a bit different. It highly depends on various factors but the half life is increasing as a person ages, that’s why it could be up to about 13.3 hours in elder people. It mostly depends on the liver condition of the person. If the liver doesn’t work as it should, then the compound is flushed out of the system much slower, that’s why the half life of Anavar (and any other medicines that are metabolized by liver) is increased.

  • Taken in consideration that Anavar half life is so short (in normal circumstances, around 10 hours), we need to warn you that you should be administering Anavar multiple times a day in order to maintain stable blood levels.


Is important to have stable levels of a compound in the body without fluctuations if you want to get maximum benefits from its use and not to experience high and lows.

Therefore, is highly recommended to split up doses throughout the day as this is going to be the most effective way of running Anavar. Keeping high and stable concentrations of Oxandrolone in your system is required.

In fact, this is true for any other anabolic steroid. You’ve just got to analyze the half life of a specific product. Taken in consideration Anavar half life is pretty short of 9-10 hours, you need to use it AT LEAST 2 times a day. Split the total daily dose in 2 even halves and take them every 12 hours. But some people use them 3 or even 4 times a day meaning every 8 or 6 hours.

  • NOTE! Many people recommend to take one dose of Anavar approximately 30-45 minutes before a workout, this is going to result in a way more positive effect on your energy levels, focus, motivation and strength.

Due to this short half life of Anavar, the compound is not having a too long detection time on a doping test. The detection time of Anavar is only 3 weeks. That’s way shorter compared to other anabolic steroids that offer much longer half life.Half-Life-Of-Anavar-big-muscles-man

The reason why Anavar offers a short half life is mostly because it comes as an orally active steroid (Oxandrolone). Most other orally active compounds offer similar half life time. Nonetheless, there are injectable anabolic steroids and they are coming as an oil solution where an ester weight is added.

The ester is added to extend the half life of a product after it was introduced in the body (via injection).

For example, there is Testosterone Propionate with half life of about 3 days and there’s Testosterone Cypionate with half life of about 12 days. That’s in the time that pure and raw testosterone base (suspension) has a half life of only 2-4 hours.

Short half life of Anavar comes with advantages and disadvantages.


  • Fast enters the system offering quick results
  • Fast flushes from the system decreasing detection times


  • Because is flushed fast from system – needs to be regularly administered
  • Risks of having blood concentration fluctuations


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